I never blogged about Microsoft and its vision, it is a clear choice I made when I started this blog. I think Free Software is the future, but this is an idea of mine and I don’t want to influence people reading my blog. But this time I have to mention Microsoft to rise an allarm. This article warns about the future of small security vendors once that Vista will be released. According to the article:

Windows Vista, as the new operating system is known, brings a whole new way of dealing with how data is controlled within the operating system.
Essentially, programs, including Microsoft’s own, will not be given the privilege to write data just anywhere on the computer as they do in XP.
“[The new] Internet Explorer is not able to write to the main areas of the file system, it can’t overwrite Windows,” said Microsoft’s Stephen Lamb.
“So if I visit a website I don’t have to worry that a keylogger or a root kit, or some of these things that you hear about in the press, are going to get onto the system.”

And more:

Laura Yecies of Zone Labs said: “Microsoft is certainly making it more difficult for the independent security vendors right now.
“They’re essentially trying to take control of the security user interface functions.

Laura Yecies (Zone Labs) says:

“We get a lot of experience from the free version, so by having 35 millions copies of ZoneAlarm out there we’re able to understand what is the threat environment, and provide a more secure proposition to our paid user base,”

Vista will make impossible to download and install software like the one produced by Zone Labs….. And my freedom where is it? I know that sometimes free security tools hide malware, but I want to be free and choose my personal antivurs software and my personal firewall: freedom means (also) ability to make mistake!

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